Garfield County


In Garfield County every citizen is part of fighting crime:

“We go out on a burglary call, there’s a farmer down the road or a rural firefighter that says ‘if you need any help, I’m right here.’ “

Sheriff Jerry Niles, serving Garfield County since 2013, believes fighting crime is an important part of serving as Sheriff … but just part of the job.

“We’re just being out there and being seen. Being proactive in that way gives us information, it also lets the public know we are not in a tin can all the time. We are human beings; we have an interest in them.”

Making a difference is more than just a phrase in Garfield County, it’s a mission for Sheriff Niles and his deputies.

“For me to serve as Sheriff is an honor. I wake up every morning thankful for the job I have. Thankful for the men and women I serve with. I wake up smiling that I know somewhere during the day I’m going to make a difference in someone’s life.”

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