Major County Christmas Dinner

Christmas 2016 2

In 1985, Sheriff Jerry Metz was in office at the Major County Sheriff’s Office.  As his area faced hardship during the oil boom drop, Sheriff Metz accepted donations for food and beverage from various businesses and provided meals to those in need for Christmas dinner.  This tradition was then passed down from Sheriff to Sheriff in Major County. In 1999, the Methodist church of Fairview asked current Sheriff Steve Randolph [pictured above with Santa] if he could take over the Thanksgiving meal and the Major County Sheriff’s Office has been doing so ever since. The year 2016 marked the 31st year for the Major County Sheriff’s Office serving the Christmas dinner and was the biggest with 194 take-out meals. The Sheriff’s Office delivers in Major County and has served close to 600 meals total.

Christmas 2016 3

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Christmas 2016

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