Seminole County


Community is more than a word in Seminole County. It’s a way of living.

“We’re here to help people. That’s our number one goal, to help somebody.”

Sheriff Shannon Smith, first elected in 2009, exemplifies that goal in his daily life.

“Anytime there’s some kind of special event, I try to attend. Because I want the people to know I do care, that the Sheriff’s Office cares.”

Seminole County is a small county with a big heart.

“It’s our goal here to be the most professional Sheriff’s office in the state. People say you can’t do that, you’re too small. And my response to that is, professionalism doesn’t cost anything. That’s all in your heart.”

And serving the people of Seminole County, that’s something Sheriff Smith thinks about every day.

“I feel, to be elected by the people, to serve the people… I don’t think there’s any greater honor than that of the people of your county having the faith in you to run this Office and take care of it the way it needs to be. To make sure that everyone in our county is safe.”

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